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After three decades working within the the heating industry, here at BB Heat Pumps we are looking towards the future and the renewable energy world.


Based in Brighton East Sussex, BB Heat Pumps is your first choice when it comes to a fully managed, professionally designed, installation and aftercare Heat Pump service.

We specialize in Air-Source Heat Pumps and hold our own MCS Accreditation. Being a member of MCS demonstrates our adherence to industry standards and gives you, the client, confidence in our abilities.

Only installations carried out by MCS accredited companies will grant you access to various government grants such as the Boiler Upgrade Scheme.


At BB Heat Pumps we provide planning and installation services for all aspects of renewable and alternative energy services. We also complete on all the small building and electrical works required to finish the job to the highest standard expected.


We provide services in all aspects of heating and gas work. Including :

All our services are completed to MCS standards and we are fully insured.

Please feel free to contact us if you have a query or would like a quote for any works or upcoming projects that you may have in mind.



I have worked within all aspects of the Plumbing, Heating and Gas industry for over 36 years. I can clearly see the natural progression to the renewable energy market. With climate change being one of the biggest topics in recent times, renewable technology will help us all to correct the damage done to the environment by burning fossil fuels.

Personally, I believe renewables are the way forward. Here at BB Heat Pumps we are happy to work with more than competent gas installers that are perhaps not familiar with heat pumps and specific designs to MCS standards but want to move into the renewable energy industry.

If you are an installer and would like to work in the renewable energy market then don't hesitate to get in touch with us. At BB Heat Pumps we are here to help. Whether you are wanting a heat pump installed in your home or you are an installer yourself wanting to fit heat pumps we are confident we can help you move your project in the right direction.


After my time studying at University I then joined the family business where I continued to carry out and complete my gas certification training which involved learning how to install and service all gas appliances both domestic and commercial.


Then after 5 years of working within the industry and learning how things are quickly moving forward I am confident that now is the right time to move into the renewable energy market. After going on various manufacturer training courses and gaining the MCS accreditation I began helping other engineers to design heat pump systems correctly.

At BB Heat Pumps we are happy to help other installers across the country who want to install without without the stress of design and MCS paperwork. Our aim is to work together with you to make sure your heat pump installation is working efficiently and most importantly delivering the best installation service for your clients.



I joined BB as an apprentice technician in order to work alongside a team of highly experienced professionals and to progress my career to the highest level possible in the renewable energy industry.

After my time working as a Police Officer in London, I was looking for a change in my career path. This led me to taking up work in recruitment, but then the opportunity to work in the renewable energy industry came up and it was something I did not want to pass up on.


As the fast growth of the renewables industry continues due to the ever-evolving issue of climate change,, I decided this was the best possible time to get into the profession and help tackle this issue. With the increase in workload it would also mean a greater exposure to different types of work resulting in a faster growth of industry knowledge.




I have been a qualified EPC Assessor for three years, but my passion for building efficiency runs deep. Fascinated by the intricate process of constructing homes, both old and new, I embarked on a journey to understand how they can become more energy-efficient through proper insulation and other innovations. 


This interest perfectly aligned with Paul's ventures into the domestic renewables market, making it a natural avenue for me to explore. Joining forces with him, I'm committed to enhancing our understanding of sustainable construction practices and contributing to the evolution of eco-friendly homes. Together, we're shaping a brighter, more efficient future for the housing industry.




Originally, I started my plumbing career 7 ½ years ago when BB Heat Pumps was under the name of BB Plumbing and Heating. During this time, I learned most of my trade alongside Paul and Alfie Dunk. After this period, I left to explore other opportunities with a separate company to refine my skills and gain further knowledge.


After two years and conducting research, including discussions with Paul and Alfie, I realized the direction in which the plumbing and heating industry was heading. For my career and skills progression, I returned to BB Heat Pumps at the beginning of 2023. There, I began to learn everything I could about the domestic renewables market and the installation process.


I am personally very environmentally conscious, and this technology is moving in the right direction, aligning with my morals. This is also another reason I returned to BB, as they share the same views as myself, making it a more cohesive company to work for.




I started my first year of college to study and train to become a gas-safe engineer, as I wanted to pursue a career within the gas industry. However, I did not realize that the industry’s future could be uncertain with the emergence of renewable energies flooding the market. So, I began to look for experience in this field while I completed my college course.


This is when I came across BB Heat Pumps, and with the combined experience of the team within the plumbing and heating industry, I thought this would be the perfect place to learn and develop my skills in the trade and apply what I have learned in college.

Like the rest of the team, I can see the huge potential in the domestic renewable energy market, and I am excited to see what the future holds for my career prospects and the industry as a whole.

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